Tricia Hubbard Turner, PhD, ATC

Tricia Hubbard Turner, PhD, ATC

Professor, MS in Athletic Training Program Director, Affiliate Researcher: Center for Biomedical Engineering Systems
Department of Applied Physiology, Health, & Clinical Sciences


Research Interest:

My research area focuses around chronic joint injury especially at the ankle. I am particularly interested in ligament healing post ankle sprain, and mechanical instability in those with chronic ankle instability. I am also focused on examining the effect long term ankle injury has on local and global changes as patient’s age. Additionally I examine knee osteoarthritis and the impact of physical activity.


Teaching Specialty:

Athletic Training/Sports Medicine


BS in Athletic Training, University of Florida, 2000 MS in Exercise & Sports Science, University of Florida, 2002 PhD in Kinesiology, Penn State University, 2005


Certified Athletic Trainer

COS Profile

Research Statement:

Dr. Tricia Turner’s research focuses on ankle instability and osteoarthritis. Chronic ankle instability occurs in approximately 70% of patients after an initial ankle sprain. Determining what causes the development of this instability and finding ways to prevent it has been one of her primary research focuses. Dr. Turner has examined the mechanical changes (ligament laxity, positional faults) that occur after an ankle sprain and how they contribute to chronic ankle instability and ankle osteoarthritis (OA). Additionally, she has begun to use the animal model to look at how physical activity influences OA development. As a result, Dr. Turner’s research crosses multiple disciplines, including athletic training, biomechanics, exercise physiology, and rehabilitation sciences. Dr. Turner has published over 25 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and presented her work at both national and international scientific meetings. Dr. Turner has received both internal (UNCC) and external funding (agencies) to help support her work.