Tips on Paying for College

  • Use College Foundation of North Carolina website. This website has so many tips for every type of student from high school to college to adult students. You can search for different scholarships, grants, and loans as well as estimate hoe much your load payments will be after college. There also is a 1-888 number that you can call and talk to a person to get individualized help.
  • Another helpful website is This website takes some time to register (about 20 minutes if you answer all the questions) and then you get a list of scholarships for you to use.
  • Searching for scholarship? Another website is This is a free website to search for scholarships of all types.
  • Use our UNC Charlotte Office of Financial Aid website. You can apply for financial aid on-line at this site and find out more about college expenses, loans, etc.
  • Most college students will tell you – Never pay your tuition by credit card because the interest rates are higher than if you get a student loan. Most times student loans do not need to be repaid until you graduate from college. Read the directions carefully since each loan is different.
  • Check out your college’s website because many times colleges will have scholarships for students who are majors in their college.
  • Document, document, document and keep records of everything you do. It will be your evidence against any wrong reporting!