Admission to the Honors Program

Students may apply for admission to the Applied Physiology, Health, and Clinical Science Honors Program (APHCS-HP) under either of the APHCS programs (Exercise Science or Respiratory Therapy). Consideration for admission to the APHCS-HP may be initiated by the student or by any faculty member in the APHCS Department. A student is eligible to begin participating in the APHCS-HP in their Sophomore or Junior year of study.

A student may be removed from the APHCS-HP at any time upon their own request or upon recommendation of the student’s thesis mentor following consultation with the APHCS Honors Program Committee and Department Chair of APHCS. There shall be no penalty for removal from the APHCS-HP.

For dual honors students: Once accepted into the APHCS-HP, the student is required to complete thesis work with a grade of “A” to graduate with dual honors. Removal from the APHCS-HP may require the student to extend their graduation date in order to graduate with University Honors because they will have to complete additional courses in the Honors College catalog (HONR 3790 University Honors Senior Seminar and HONR 3791 University Honors Senior Project).

APHCS-HP Admission Requirements

A) The student must have an overall GPA of 3.50.

B) The student must submit a typed statement explaining (max length 500 words):

1. What the student’s academic/career goals are in their respective Department of APHCS major.

2. How the APHCS-HP is relevant to the students academic and/or career goals. How will participation in the APHCS-HP help them achieve these goals?

3. Who will be mentoring the student through the APHCS-HP.

4. Briefly discuss a potential project that the student will participate in and complete as a thesis to fulfill APHCS-HP requirements. Please use language understandable by those who are NOT experts in the given field.