Course of Study

Curricular Sequence Table

Summer A Year 1

Summer B Semester 1

ATRN 6100: Acute and Emergency Care in Athletic Health Care (3)

ATRN 6102: Fundamentals in Athletic Training (3)

ATRN 6101: Clinical Anatomy for Allied Health (3)

ATRN 6400: Introduction to Clinical Care (1)

Fall Semester Year 1

Spring Semester Year 1

ATRN 6104: Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis of the Lower Extremity (3)

ATRN 6109: Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis of the Upper Extremity (3)

ATRN 6105: Therapeutic Modalities (3)

ATRN 6110: Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis of the Head and Spine (3)

ATRN 6106: Therapeutic Exercise Techniques (3)

ATRN 6111: Therapeutic Interventions (3)

ATRN 6401: Clinical Rotation I (1)

ATRN 6113: Patient Centered Health Care (3)

ATRN 6402: Clinical Rotation II (1)

Summer Year 2

ATRN 6114: General Medicine and Pharmacology (3)

ATRN 6403: Clinical Rotation III (1)

Fall Semester Year 2

Spring Semester Year 2

ATRN 6118: Administration for Health Care Professionals(3)

ATRN 6121: Behavioral Health in Sports Medicine (3) – Online

ATRN 6119: General Medicine and Diagnostic Procedures (3)

ATRN 6406: Clinical Rotation VI (6)Online

ATRN 6107: Foundations of Modern Health Care (3)

ATRN 6405: Clinical Rotation V (3)

Clincial Requirements

In addition to didactic classroom requirements above, all students will participate in 6 clinical rotations. The first 4 are to give students exposure to different clinical environments and help students begin to practice clinical skills under direct supervision of an Approved Clinical Instructor. These four rotations include:

  • Local High School
  • University Athletics
  • Primary Care Physician’s office
  • Orthopedic/Sports Rehabilitation

The last two rotations are immersive. These will be assigned based on where a student would like to work post-graduation. This will allow students to gain greater clinical experience and practice opportunities with more autonomy while still being supervised by an Approved Clinical Instructor.